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How To Jailbreak iPhone

How to Jailbreak the iPhone

Let us officially welcome you to How to Jailbreak the iPhone – the goto space for setting your iPhone free. If you are about to jailbreak your iPhone, you want to make sure that you do it right. Right? It would be a loathsome thing for your anticipatory glee of new apps and games to fizz out into panic as you realize that you have just somehow screwed up your iPhone. And that the guy at the Apple Genius counter is not going to help you out. Because you have voided your warranty by trying to set your iPhone free.

How To Jailbreak IPhone

So, for most people, jailbreaking your iPhone means getting help. Sure, if you are a technology wizard that sits in front of a keyboard for a zillion hours a year, you’ve probably got this. But if you are a human being possessed of average technical knowledge, you probably do not want to risk attempting your first iPhone jailbreak solo. Have no fear – we have got you covered.

Why us? We know what we are doing. We have experience in jailbreaking iPhones. We’re better than lifehacker. Simply put and true. And hey, if you need a little more persuasion before you decide that we will be the anointed ones who help set your iPhone free, know that we are passionate about gaming. Old school gaming of the sort that needs a jailbroken iPhone to happen. If you too find yourself staring off into space while conjuring up images of the Pokemon of your youth, you are here with kindred spirits. C’mon, if there is a true gamer within you, surely his spirit has been stirred.

So many possibilities

Or maybe you have never played a game in your life and could care less about the old-school gaming abilities of a jail-broken iPhone. In this case, you have our sympathy. Not really. No judgement here. But we do know that you might want to totally redo the home-screen settings on your iPhone or that you may want to download music in a different way or turn that sleek iPhone 5 into a WiFi Hot Spot. We totally get that.

So gamers or no, we know that you have a reason to want to set your iPhone free and we want to support you by helping you to do it safely, in a way that has you downloading fabulous apps from Cydia in moments, not pulling your hair out and wondering what went wrong. Give us a try.

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